iTEMS – Energy Reselling to Tenants

Devices World’s iTEMS solution helps monitor electricity consumption for all individual tenants of our clients. iTEMS can directly invoice tenants of any building with a fully automated billing system. This gives clients a more detailed breakdown of data to better track and analyse consumption levels in order to mitigate consumption and achieve “best of class” energy efficiency within any iSCADA-equipped building.

Each tenant’s consumption can be monitored from the existing (or newly installed) meter and all relevant data will be continuously extracted from this metering point.


Flood prone areas are not fully monitored

The infrastructure in place for billing is operated by the owner, but TNB is the one who benefits

Untapped revenue from reselling of energy to tenants

There is an additional revenue stream waiting to be opened

Tenant energy disputes

Lack of transparency in energy consumption data can lead to confict


Resell Energy

iTEMS gives building operators the ability to bill their customers for energy consumed, allowing them to make more money by generating an additional revenue stream. Devices World will assist the customer with applying for the energy reseller’s license from Suruhanjaya Tenaga, the energy commission.

Online Billing

Since iTEMS is based online, it means that the accounting figures as well as the system status can all be accessed remotely and does not require an onsite control room or dedicated PC. This allows accountants to easily add the billing data to existing accounting systems.

Solve Tenant Disputes

By monitoring the live consumption data from tenants, the operators are able to solve any dispute in billing by showing the data directly to the tenant. Alternatively, tenants can be granted access to their own consumption data directly

Reduce Meter Issues

By monitoring each tenant’s meter individually, the operator is able to detect any discrepancies in data immediately and address them appropriately. In addition to this, it also allows for easy changing of tenants in the system. Since the meters are tied to a location instead of a tenant, it is just a matter of system configuration.

Case Study

With the iTEMS, Menara MBMR is also able to bill their tenants for electricity the same way that TNB does. Devices World assisted Menara MBMR is acquiring a Reseller’s License from Suruhanjaya Tenaga which allows them to resell electricity to their tenants at a lucrative tariff. This helps them generate a monthly income of over RM45,000 from reselling the energy to their tenants. In addition to this, they also see additional savings from reduction in MD – RM4,500 monthly and application for Optimized Tariff from TNB saw a further reduction of RM1,500 monthly.

Menara MBMR

Menara MBMR is a Green Building Index (GBI) certified, 24 story office tower situated along the Federal Highway right next to Mid Valley. This state-of-the-art facility was designed with energy efficiency in mind. Menara MBMR engaged with Devices World to install the iHEPS and iTEMS within the tower to provide them with a comprehensive overview of Menara MBMR’s consumption.

Bangsar Village II is also utilizing Devices World’s iTEMS solution to resell electricity to their tenants. The iTEMS monitoring and billing solution has helped Bangsar Village II generate an additional source of revenue, which in turn reduces the impact of their monthly overheads.

By connecting the tenant meters to iTEMS and applying for the Reseller’s license from Suruhanjaya Tenaga, BV was able to generate an additional revenue stream by billing their tenants for energy to offset their TNB Bill. Through reselling energy to tenants, BV2 was able to collect RM80,000+ monthly collection from tenants.

Bangsar Village

Bangsar Village is a large, up-market shopping centre with around 120 tenants located in the upscale Bangsar suburbs. Being a prime location for shoppers from all over Lembah Pantai, Bangsar Village has become a true landmark in Bangsar.


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