iSCADA Cloud License

One of the key parts of the iSCADA Platform is the Cloud License. This allows users of the iSCADA system to access their data online via the iSCADA Login Page. Owning an iSCADA License entitles the bearer to full access to their iSCADA system, free software upgrades whenever Devices World releases them, over 100 active users per account, off-site support, and much more.

Devices World engages with the best Cloud providers on the planet, at the moment we are working closely with Amazon Web Services as well as Huawei Cloud to ensure our customers have access to the best options in Cloud services. Our proprietary iSCADA Server Infrastructure has been honed and developed for over 15 years to ensure the best service possible to users. Complete with 2-Way Proprietary Encryption technology that was encoded specifically for iSCADA by inhouse programmers, users can rest assured that their data is as secure as can be.

This makes it easy for any organization to deploy Enterprise-wide monitoring solutions with the following unique benefits. All software and firmware are coded, developed, and owned by Devices World, ensuring we have full flexibility.

  • No capital investment required for Infrastructure or Software
    Clients enjoy the benefits of a SCADA system without having to invest in, or maintain, the expensive infrastructure and software associated with such a system.
  • Highly scalable
    The pay as you go model of SaaS gives clients the freedom to adapt to the changing usage of the software, on demand. Clients may begin with a subscription to manage one asset, and scale up to thousands incrementally over time without having to upgrade any software or networking infrastructure.
  • Monitor anything or everything
    Assets that were previously not economically feasible to be managed remotely can now be brought online one at a time or all at one time. With increased electronic supervision, clients benefit from improved uptime, efficient planned maintenance, reduced field technician cost & enhanced transparency in maintenance management.
  • Implement eMaintenance
    An emerging maintenance management concept whereby maintenance tasks are conducted using real time data obtained over the Internet. Clients managing a large asset base spread over a wide geographical area are able to consolidate real time equipment status across all locations and integrate real time data from any equipment irrespective of vendors. iSCADA eMaintenance software generates real time maintenance KPIs like Availability Index, Failure Counts and Outage Hours.

iSCADA License Tiers

iSCADA License Services

Subscription to iSCADA eMaintenance and Hosted Data Acquisition services grants the customer a worldwide, royalty-free, non-assignable and non-exclusive licence to use the iSCADA software delivered by going to our web site and clicking on “Login”. Services delivered under this Standard-Tier license are defined below:-

Standard-Tier License Specifications

  1. Number of Users
    Customer is assigned an iSCADA Administrator account with a unique Customer ID. Administrator may create additional user accounts under the same Customer ID. Each user account may be assigned specific access rights by the administrator. Total number of user accounts (including Administrator account) is limited to 100.
  2. Data Storage
    Devices and customer data are stored for an unlimited period of time, up to maximum 5 Gigabytes storage space. Historical data older than 3 years may be archived.
  3. Email Alerts
    Unlimited Email alerts may be configured and delivered to any user configured under the same Customer ID.
  4. SMS Alerts
    Every alert sent out by the iSCADA server shall be charged from the Postpaid SMS account. The amount of credit charged for each alert is RM 0.25 Cent per SMS within Malaysia. And may be different outside Malaysia. Please contact Devices World sales representative for further information.
  5. Off-Site Technical Support
    Unlimited email and telephone support from Monday to Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., excluding on the Selangor Public Holidays. Email support response time is 1 business day and phone support is through our support hotline during business hours.
  6. Analogue sampling frequency and Device-Server Connectivity
    All sampling frequencies, Device-Server communications and configuration options are available to all users and devices.
  7. iSCADA Account Management
    iSCADA system administrator tasks like creation and management of users, user profile configuration, devices configuration, online calibration, instrument panel design, configuration & configuration changes, reporting & statistics set up are managed by Devices World on behalf of the customer. The customer grants Devices World’s support staff Administrator rights to the account.
  8. System Event Management
    Server-Gateway and Gateway-Slave communications are constantly being monitored by the iSCADA server. In the event such communication failures are detected, a system event is created and alerts sent to Devices World’s support staff. Devices World monitors and manage these system events on behalf of the customer. Devices World provides free off-site troubleshooting guide to help customer resolve any system events reported. Physical repairs to telecommunications infrastructure not provided by Devices World, if required, shall be paid by the customer.
  9. User Event Management
    When an active user event is detected and recorded at the iSCADA server, alerts are sent to configured users. Customer is fully responsible to act on these User Events. Devices World does not monitor or manage these events on behalf of the customer.
  10. Device-Server Communications Cost
    Devices may connect to the Internet through a variety of means. Devices World maintains and pays for all Device-Server communications infrastructure provided by third parties (3G, 4G, Fibre, etc). For Devices connecting through the customer’s infrastructure like PABX and Local Area Network, such infrastructure shall be provided and maintained by the customer. However, Devices World advises the customer in the event of communication disruptions and provides free off-site troubleshooting services to help restore the same.
  11. Monthly Reports
    Customer may generate unlimited reports online, but no manually generated reports shall be provided by Devices World.
  12. On-site technical support
    On-site technical support and field services from Monday to Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., excluding on the Selangor Public Holidays, whenever required shall be paid by the customer. Quotation will be provided by Devices World on case-by-case basis.
  13. Warranty for iSCADA devices
    iSCADA devices (gateways, slave devices, modems, etc) are covered by a 1-year back-to-base warranty against defects in materials and workmanship from the date of delivery. Warranty does not cover damage due to lightning surge, misuse or other exclusions under Devices World’s standard warranty terms & conditions.
  14. Warranty for iSCADA sensors & accessories
    Third party sensors or accessories connected to iSCADA devices, if supplied by Devices World, are covered by a 1-year back-to-base warranty against defects in materials and workmanship from the date of delivery. Warranty does not cover damage due to lightning surge, misuse or other exclusions under Devices World’s standard warranty terms & conditions.

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