iFLOOD – Flood Monitoring

Devices World’s iFLOOD solution is a safety monitoring system designed to monitor flood prone areas and to send out early warnings via SMS, emails, and sirens, to alert those around and those in charge of an impending flood. This helps to reduce damage to both property and human life.


Conventional fire alarm systems face a series of challenges, with the most significant factors being:

Flood prone areas are not fully monitored

Areas that are susceptible to flooding are not adequately monitored for flood warnings

Floods can happen without much warning

From simple observation, it can be hard to tell if a flood is oncoming or when it will strike.

Some areas are difficult to access and monitor

Flood prone areas are not always located in convenient places, making it difficult to properly monitor them


Remote flood monitoring

iFLOOD has the capability to remotely monitor flood prone areas using the iSCADA platform. Sensors can be placed at the monitoring site, and the data collected is then sent to the Cloud where it can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection.

Advanced Flood Warning

Since the iFLOOD monitors in real-time, it allows for early warning systems to be utilized in flood warning. SMS alerts, on site sirens, emails, and other methods of early warning can be used to ensure a much time is given to flood response units.

Track flooding across time

With the iFLOOD historical data functionality, the data collected can be used in reporting, in reviews, and in analysis to determine when flooding is most likely to occur, as well as the conditions that were present the last time flooding occurred. This data will help predict floods with greater accuracy in the future.

Success Stories

UM has a large river (Klang river) running through the campus, and in the past has had the recurring problem of it flooding over. During heavy rain, the river can start to overflow in minutes, leaving little time for counter measures to be made.

To face this issue, the iSCADA system is employed in UM to assist in flood prevention. The system monitors the water level of the river. If the water reaches danger levels, management personnel are notified through SMS, and the sounder and beacon are triggered.

University Malaya

University of Malaya, or UM, Malaysia’s oldest university, is situated on a 922 acre (373.12 hectare) campus in the southwest of Kuala Lumpur. It currently has 12 Faculties, 2 Academies and 3 Centres.

The iFLOOD system has been successfully warning UM of impending floods for over 10 years. It works by monitoring the water level of the near-by stream and sending email and SMS alerts when it rises at a rapid rate, the sign of a possible flood. This helps to protect the cars of faculty and students that are parked in the parking lot just next to the stream.


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