Slide iHEPS aims to help large electrical energy consumers understand their energy usage patterns, achieve energy efficiency and reduce energy costs. Energy Efficiency Slide Stay one step ahead with real-time information from every system in your facility. Knowing what’s happening now means discovering what might happen next. Facility Maintenance Slide Discover Smart Cities: Keep streets safe and costs low with smart lights. Keep traffic smooth with smart traffic lights. Keep floods at bay with comprehensive warning systems. Smart Cities Slide The iSCADA system allows for real-time updates on as many data points as your studies require. Learn more, do more. Environmental Monitoring Slide Monitor solar, wind, and hydro generators. Keep the big wheels turning and the power flowing, and save the planet while you’re at it. Renewable Energy Monitoring Slide Bid farewell to false positives, undetected emergencies, and unclear communications with the iSMART solution for building safety. Discover why Devices World is the number one name in fire alert systems nationwide. Security & Protection

About iSCADA

Good decisions require good information, and good information should be available always. Devices World’s proprietary IoT platform, iSCADA, offers directly delivered device information.

Utilize our internet-enabled supervisory control and data acquisition technology to monitor and control any of your devices. Discover new monitoring possibilities through the benefits of acquiring real-time data.

The iSCADA solution facilitates consistent and comprehensive distribution of data, enabling efficient management operations. Using cloud services, data is consolidated and secured.

The User Interface provides data clearly and intuitively, allowing you to understand and analyse with ease. Get the best information. Make the best decisions.

iSCADA, the flagship product of Devices World, has been enabling round-the-clock uptime at facilities across the country with its innovation of bringing the internet to the SCADA process, allowing users access to Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition from any location at any time.

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Energy Efficiency

Track your consumption. Save on bills.
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Facility Management

Find and Fix issues fast.
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Security & Protection

Reliable alarms. Rapid responses.
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Smart City

Take your town to the next level.
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Renewable Energy Monitoring

Renewables: the gift that keeps on giving.
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Environmental Monitoring

Deepen your research. Broaden your possibilities.
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iSCADA is adaptable and scalable to your every need. Find out how you can take advantage of it’s power

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