iSCADA & the Internet of Things

The Internet of Things (IoT) has recently become much more pervasive across all industries, with applications ranging from agriculture to transportation to healthcare.

Almost all of the devices in our world will be connected within the next few decades.

As such, the Internet of Things is one of the transformative trends that will shape business’s future today and in the future.

Devices World intends to boost efficiency in our daily tasks by assisting customers in addressing inefficiency issues, monitoring their facilities, and implementing advanced solutions with iSCADA software and the cloud-based operating system for the Industrial Internet.

The Internet of Things generates massive amounts of data, and cloud computing allows it to travel to its destination.

Devices World strives to provide a comprehensive solution to your operational challenges by incorporating cloud computing and IoT technology.

What is iSCADA?

Integrating features from these two technologies in tandem, iSCADA can provide users with detailed information about virtually any device or sensor, regardless of distance.

iSCADA by Devices World enables hard data monitoring and device control from any location.

iSCADA is characterized by two main technologies: SCADA (Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition, which is widely used in control rooms in industries such as power, telecommunications, and oil & gas) and IoT (Internet – Of – things)

How Does iSCADA Work?

There are key locations within facilities where sensors can collect valuable information about factors such as power usage, water usage, or temperature.

At strategic locations, iSCADA Gateway devices are installed to collect data from sensors.

The iSCADA Gateway sends collected site data over the internet, giving any authorised user access to all information and data.

The iSCADA platform is highly scalable, allowing it to monitor an unlimited number of sites and systems.

Depending on the needs of its users, the iSCADA platform could be implemented in stages and then gradually expanded, or it could be rolled out across a networked operation for widespread integration.

Intel Chip

“Devices World has collaborated with Intel to strengthen the iSCADA system by incorporating an Intel Chip.

The Intel® QuarkTM SoC X1021 chip is used in the iSCADA gateway.

This chip provides cutting-edge processing capabilities and serves as the core hardware in the iSCADA system.

Benefits of iSCADA Architecture

Low Cost Of Data Transmission

All communications between iSCADA devices, servers, and users are Internet-based, allowing for lower transmission costs than other mechanisms.

Universally Accepted User Interface

The Graphical User Interface of iSCADA is familiar and user-friendly (GUI).

Its user-friendly interface puts information in the hands of managers and other decision-makers.

Engineers and management can quickly adopt the interface due to its familiarity.

Information Consolidation

All data is stored in a centralised cloud database on the Internet, allowing users worldwide access to consolidated data from any number of remote sites, regardless of geographical location.

Integration with No Vendors

The iSCADA solution is not tied to a single vendor or service provider.

Our data loggers, server backend, and user interface are purpose-built to integrate data from any asset, regardless of vendor.

iSCADA Cloud Platform

You only pay for data delivered to your desktop when you use iSCADA.

The complexities of owning, maintaining, and managing data acquisition infrastructure are eliminated.

Who Can Use iSCADA?

Anyone can use iSCADA.
The universal user interface or iSCADA Cloud flatform (the web browser) is used to deliver data, and information is organised in a familiar file/folder system.
There is no need for advanced computer knowledge.

The value of any information grows in proportion to the number of people who use it.

To gain access to the system, your iSCADA system administrator may create user accounts as needed.

Top management, subsidiary heads, engineering departments, finance departments, maintenance contractors, and field technicians may be among them.

Instead of waiting for departmental reports, get these answers right away.

Anyone in the organisation, for example, can get answers to critical questions by simply logging into the iSCADA system:

Top management:

What is the overall Availability Index of all assets across the enterprise for this year?

Middle management:

Is the newly appointed contractor performing better than the previous one?


Does the system trip more frequently in the dry or wet season?


What is the most recent alarm, and where is it coming from?

Type of Industry We Service

  • Manufacturing
  • Power (Eg. Power Plants)
  • Education
  • Green Technology/ Renewable Energy
  • Retail
  • Healthcare
  • Corporate
  • Security & Safety (Etc. Fire, Burglar alarm)
  • Oil and Gas
  • Food & Beverage (F&B)
  • Logistics/Transportation
  • Smart Cities/Infrastructure
  • Construction
  • Hospitality
  • Agriculture
  • Research/Non-Profit

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