iSOLA - Renewable Energy Monitoring

Renewable Energy: the gifts that keep on giving.
Monitor solar, wind, and hydro generators. Keep the big wheels turning and the power flowing, and save the planet while you’re at it.


In addition to the overall status of the Solar Plant, iSOLA is also able to provide maintenance information for each device that is hooked up. Information such as last servicing date, next schedule service date, emergency contacts in the event of failure or running malfunction, and efficiency levels can all be monitored and displayed by the iSOLA.

iSOLA can provide minute to minute data, giving the customer a live view of their plant and an up to date read out of production. In the case of multiple plants being monitored, iSOLA can even do comparisons between plant productions.

iSOLA is a cost efficient, highly accurate, extremely user friendly system for Solar Plant Monitoring. Devices World is proud to be able to provide the iSOLA to any Solar Plant in need of plant overview, monitoring, and maintenance.


Solar Plants require constant monitoring to ensure optimal production of energy and smooth, safe operations. With so many different devices needing to be monitored and data analysed, it becomes essential to have an efficient, easy to use system to monitor and view all the devices active in a Solar Plant.


Utilizing the versatile and extensive iSCADA platform, Devices World aims to provide Solar Plant operators with a system that supplies them with an effective and useful overview of their plant and the devices that reside therein.


iSOLA monitors the status of all inverters, panels, Distribution boxes, and other machines that are essential to a solar plant’s operations. It can give you Total, Daily, and Peak energy produced for the entire plant, right down to individual panels. It can provide Potential Yield estimation using historical data as well as display estimated Avoided CO2 emissions. It can even display current and estimated Ambient Temperature at the plant site.


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