The iSCADA product has been utilized in various different industries from manufacturing and fire safety, to hospitality and retail, with the purpose of adding value to each of them. Below are the solutions which have been developed and deployed by Devices World under iSCADA.

Energy Efficiency & Saving

Track your consumption. Save on bills.

With iHEPS, you can get a detailed overall picture of your energy consumption, allowing you to make operational changes and save on electricity.

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Facility Maintenance

Find and Fix issues fast.

Stay one step ahead with real-time information from every system in your facility. Knowing what’s happening now means discovering what might happen next.

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Fire Safety Monitoring

Reliable alarms. Rapid responses.

Bid farewell to false positives, undetected emergencies, and unclear communications with the iFIRE solution for building safety.

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Street Light Monitoring and Control

Take your town to the next level.

Discover Smart Cities: Keep streets safe and costs low with smart lights. Keep traffic smooth with smart traffic lights.

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Renewable Energy Monitoring

Renewables: the gift that keeps on giving.

Monitor solar, wind, and hydro generators. Keep the big wheels turning and the power flowing, and save the planet while you’re at it.

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Remote Location IoT

Deepen your research. Broaden your possibilities.

Real-time updates on as many data points as your studies require. Learn more, do more.

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Water System Monitoring

Know your system inside out.

Monitor your water tanks, pumps, and pipes through the Cloud.

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Energy Reselling to Tenants

Take advantage of your infrastructure.

Apply for the Energy Resellers License and unlock further revenue potential.

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Flood Monitoring

Keeping us safe.

Monitor danger zones and provide advanced warning of flooding.

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