iH2O – Water System Monitoring

Devices World’s iH2O solution helps monitor water supply to a facility. The system can detect and alert operators of any issues within the water supply, such as pump status, water flow rate, water temperature, water pressure, and so on. This remote monitoring system is ideal for any facility with a large water requirement.


Conventional fire alarm systems face a series of challenges, with the most significant factors being:

Water supply data is unknown

Without a remote monitoring system in place, a water supply system can only be understood through manual inspection on a scheduled basis, and even then, it is not always accurate.

Loss of water supply without any warning

Without any sort of monitoring system, water shortages can happen without warning, causing issues to all users of the water supply within the facility. This can then have a knock-on effect to other operations.

Pump and tank issues can take a long time to identify

By doing manual checking, some issues within the pumps and water tanks may go unnoticed for some time due to the scheduling of those checks. This can then lead to pump failures or tank issues that could become very costly in the future.


Monitor Water Supply

iH2O allows operators detailed information on the incoming supply and flow rate of water to their facility. This allows the operator to know exactly how much water the facility is using at any given time.

Real-Time Water Profile

Since the iH2O system runs on the iSCADA platform, all data is collected and displayed in real-time. This allows for rapid response to any issues detected within the water supply as well as a reduction in downtime and loss of water supply to the facility.

Improve Operations Efficiency

The iH2O system’s ability to detect problems immediately and to send out alerts to the maintenance team means that any issue that is detected can be addressed as quickly as possible. This will allow the team to improve on their KPIs as well as improve the entire water system’s operational capacity.

Free Up Maintenance Teams

By monitoring the water tanks and pumps remotely, the maintenance team will no longer need to spare manpower to manually check on these areas. This will then allow them to focus on more pressing and important matters within the facility, which in turn will improve the maintenance capabilities as well as the overall smooth running of the facility itself.

Case Study

Without a backup centralized monitoring system, the was no real-time clarity on motor breakdowns, leakages, trapped pipes etc. Deployment of iH20 enabled the immediate detection of problems as well as direct alerts required for necessary action to be taken. This resulted in significant overall savings on all utility bills and an increase in the efficiency in maintenance.

UM Facilities department were able to rapidly address water problems as they arose. This helped them work towards eliminating water shortages throughout the campus. Improved operations efficiency allows them to reduce costs as well, since replacing a part in a pump is much cheaper than replacing the entire pump.

Through real-time monitoring and in-depth analysis from trending data via iSCADA, University Malaya was able to address long-standing problems in their water reticulation system. Levels of reservoirs and tanks, incoming and outgoing flow rates, flow switches and pump control panel status were among the parameters delivered from remote sites throughout the campus to the desktops and mobile phones of facilities managers and technicians alike.

Successful deployment of iSCADA in the mechanical and civil departments led to planned campus-wide deployment for managing the electrical distribution networks and other M&E facilities.

University Malaya

University of Malaya, or UM, Malaysia’s oldest university, is situated on a 922 acre (373.12 hectare) campus in the southwest of Kuala Lumpur.

University of Malaya (UM) is one of the oldest iH2O customers. Since 2007, UM has used the iH20 system to monitor the water pump status and water tank levels within their campus.


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