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Devices World Sdn. Bhd., founded in 2000, is a Malaysian-owned and developed technology company dedicated to researching, developing, and deploying high-quality solutions for device monitoring and management across all industries.
All of the core hardware, software, and firmware are designed and developed entirely in Malaysia.

With its innovation of utilising the internet in the SCADA process.
Devices World’s flagship product, iSCADA, enables round-the-clock uptime at facilities across the country, allowing users access to Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition from any location at any time.

Devices World’s multidisciplinary professionals and industry specialists have been providing solutions and support with the iSCADA platform to clients in a variety of industries, ranging from scientific research and facility management to energy monitoring and fire safety.

Devices World has more than 15 years of experience in end-to-end IoT design and implementation.’

Devices World Digital Sdn Bhd is led by Henry Teh Kok Kheng who is the Managing Director.


To be the leading provider of monitored devices and device management services in Malaysia


To provide clients and partners with optimised efficiency experiences by delivering high-quality technology, devices, and support.

Our Story

Patented Technology

The core technology of Devices World’s iSCADA is protected by a US patent No: 6,965,935 awarded on Nov 15, 2005 entitled “Network Architecture for Internet Appliances”.

This end-to- end Internet Protocol (IP) based architecture enables real time man-machine & machine-machine interaction whereby:

  • a plurality of users may access a particular appliance simultaneously;
  • a particular user may access a plurality of appliances simultaneously; and
  • a plurality of appliances may communicate with each other simultaneously.

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Using our unique 3-tier “Device-Server-Client” architecture, any number of users may have simultaneous access to the data from any particular device without degradation of response times, which is not possible with conventional embedded servers on a point-to-point architecture.

The ability of a user to access any number of devices simultaneously makes this system an ideal Enterprise solution where fleet management of assets is usually an essential requirement.

This patented technology enables us to implement a system where appliances may be remotely monitored and controlled without the need for a public IP address, a permanent connection to the internet, or other heavy-duty internet gateways like a PC or an existing LAN. This is a very critical component of our technology where many existing internet-based monitoring and embedded internet systems fail to deliver.

This technology makes it possible to deploy Devices World’s iSCADA solutions in a wide variety of circumstances, particularly in cost sensitive applications or when access to existing networking infrastructure is not available.

Recognition & Awards

Our Track Record

Devices World has implemented iSCADA across all of Malaysia, and has deployments in neighboring Singapore & Thailand. Our solutions are serving clients with high-quality data for high-quality decisions.

  • Malaysia
  • Thailand
  • Singapore
  • Philippines
  • Indonesia

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